Backstage Pass: April-May 2018

Hello Guitar Friends!

Here’s what’s new in our world. We start with 3 things new, then recap the awesome time we had at ACG Fest!

  1. New: Artists in Residence!
    We have developed a new program we are calling: “Artists in Residence.” This will launch in June, and we already have several amazing artists lined up to be featured. We will explain ALL the details in another post soon, but suffice it to say: this is going to be awesome!
  2. New: Preferred Partner Program
    We have officially launched our Preferred Partner Program, which marks a HUGE step forward for our platform. We already have several partners lined up, with more to come soon. Learn more about the program here!
  3. New Team Members: Digital Strategy Director
    We have multiple new team members we will be introducing soon! In the meantime, I want to mention we now have a Digital Strategy Director, who will be in charge of managing our social media accounts, developing content, and reigning in all that we call “Digital,” including the blog, upcoming podcast, and even site content & engagement, plus more. His name is Dave Pastore (like, pass-taw-ree), and he’ll get his chance to shine in his own post very soon!
  4. ACG Fest:
    We had a great time attending this year’s ACG Ensemble Festival (aka ACG Fest), held in both Austin and Georgetown (Southwestern University). We met so many great students, teachers, and enthusiasts of the instrument, and signed up dozens of new members on our site! Here are a few pics from our time there:

Wanna contribute or be a part of what we’re doing? Contact Ross Phillips, here.

Until We Meet Again,
-The Etudes Team

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